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All Time Low - Lost In Stereo (Music Video)

All Time Low - Lost In Stereo (Music Video)





Jfc is Canadia even real

I live in Canada and I’m not even sure.

60 notes in and no one has noticed that I spelled Canada wrong…nailed it

It’s ok the leader of our country also thinks its Canadia.

idk i cleared up some of my drafts but you gotta wait till weekend to get actual updates i guess





apparently e.l. james called former child star mara wilson (matilda) a “sad f**k” for critiquing the 50shades books a while ago and now there’s a feud. i love it.

I have a love for her that runs deep.

patrick 101: don’t give him cake pops.


Seriously what the hell is going on at the NHLPA Rookie Showcase?

nobody told me IBDP was this hard wtf like ive done like 500 assessments already and its only the 3rd week

oh my god did they show a mostly adequate understanding or a good understanding what the fuck holy shit i dont know i dont ever want to be a teacher


Drake and Nicki shopping in the corner store vlog. Lmao. this is hilarious and cute.

why the fuck do we have to peer edit how the fuck do u tell someone they have a lot of problems in their work but i think the idea was okay u just didnt execute it well like do i give them a 3 or 4 like wtf is this shit


How to get a boyfriend


How to get a boyfriend


Seriously, what the police are doing is not “bad”, it’s illegal.

There is a reason why people are raging mad at this situation, and it’s because it’s a blatant violation of basic human rights.

If you don’t understand that, then you are part of the problem.




The next time a man starts yelling at you, cut him off and tell him you just can’t talk to him when he’s being so emotional.

I have done this and can confirm that is a LOT of fun to watch them implode afterward.

Bonus points: Tell them you think it’s cute when they get so angry.